Youth beach volleyball in the United States is dotted with tournaments that offer young boys and girls from across the country a chance to test their abilities and have a great time. In addition to having a great time, these championships give aspiring athletes a chance to make a name for themselves in the world of professional sports. Here is a detailed guide to junior beach volleyball tournaments, each with its own unique features and opportunities.

USA Volleyball Beach National Championship

The USA Beach Volleyball National Championships is the zenith of junior beach volleyball competition and invites the nation’s top players to compete for the coveted title of National Champion. This tournament, managed by USA Volleyball (USAV), is the benchmark for elite competition and sportsmanship.

The tournament welcomes teams across various junior age groups, from U12 to U18, ensuring a broad representation of the nation’s young talent.

A rigorous qualification process adds to the championship’s prestige, with teams battling through regional competitions to earn their spot, making every match a display of the highest skill level.

AAU Junior Olympic Games Beach Volleyball

As part of the Amateur Athletic Union’s (AAU) Junior Olympic Games, the beach volleyball competition stands out as a premier event for junior athletes aiming to test their mettle against a broad national field.

The event typically takes place in late July, moving between prominent beach volleyball hubs to provide diverse competitive experiences.

Open to various age divisions, the AAU Junior Olympic Games Beach Volleyball allows players from under 10 through under 18 to compete, ensuring inclusivity and broad participation. The Olympic ambiance of the tournament elevates the experience for participants, blending high-level competition with the thrill of being part of a multi-sport event.

AVPFirst National Championship

Aligned with the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP), the AVPFirst National Championship is the youth counterpart to the professional AVP tour, offering juniors a taste of professional-level competition.

Coinciding with one of the AVP’s professional tournaments, this championship typically occurs in the summer, providing young athletes with the unparalleled experience of playing in conjunction with their professional idols.

The event is open to youth players from under 12 to under 18, segmented into finely calibrated age divisions to foster fair and competitive play.

The chance to witness professional play up close and engage with top athletes makes this tournament a crucial step for those aspiring to climb the ranks in beach volleyball.

BVCA National Championship

The Beach Volleyball Clubs of America (BVCA) National Championship is a testament to the club-based structure of junior beach volleyball in the USA, emphasizing team spirit and club pride.

Situated in a prime beach volleyball location, this event is held in early July, setting the stage for clubs from across the nation to collide.

The championship is unique in its team-based format, with clubs competing as a whole across multiple age divisions, from under 12 to under 18.

The focus on club performance and the crowning of an overall club champion highlight the importance of team dynamics and collective achievement in the sport.

Rox VB Series National Championship

Part of the Rox Volleyball Series, this championship is a culmination of a series of competitive events, offering juniors a professional and dynamic tournament environment.

Hosted at top beach volleyball venues, the late July event draws participants nationwide, eager to compete in the series finale.

Open to a wide array of age groups, the tournament ensures a competitive platform for juniors from under 12 to under 18 divisions.

Besides high-level competition, the event is renowned for its player development opportunities, including workshops led by top coaches and players in the sport.

More Than Just a Competition

Participation in junior beach volleyball tournaments gives young athletes the opportunity to compete at the highest level, meet new people and share invaluable experience.

The experience gained on these sands molds future champions and instills a deep love for the sport. Beach volleyball competitions are also known for their inimitable atmosphere, attracting not only athletes but also fans. Everyone will find something of value in these championships.

Stay updated on the upcoming contests and participate as a spectator or an athlete!